Where I'm From

November 7, 2008
By Trenton Cody, Cleburne, TX

I am from legos,
from link-n-logs and endless days of building and crafting.
I am from chicken and juicy steak,
from Swiss rolls and “don’t take that into the living room.”
I am from my playhouse,
with the swings and slide I loved.

I am from countless “I love you’s”
From fifteen great birthdays
with all the family that you could ever wish for
in one room.
I am from “Jesus loves me”
And where the Lord’s Supper means “snack time”
(when I was little)

I am from the golf course,
where one birdie meets three double bogeys.
I am from one brother and two cousins in one room,
being as loud as possible to annoy me
(In a good and funny way).

I am from a house
whose roof protects me from the rain
while I take a nap,
Whose walls protect me from the sometimes-harsh outside world,
whose family loves me.
That is truly where I’m from.

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