The Sound Of Two Hearts

November 6, 2008
By Mila Jackson, The Woodlands, TX

And as the sound of two racing hearts
becomes like on roaring drum
nothing but the moon seperates them from
the black eternal sky.
As the rain is falling could this be love
or misfortune that lifts us up on wings?
Because nothing in this life is what it seems,
just a dream inside a dream.
The world passes by as nothing.
Our minds apathetic
to everyone and everything,
except the numbness, unfeeling sheild
which creates itself as the pulse rushes
the two hearts intertwined,
one's addiction and another's deliberation
together blossoms a confusing joy,
but as they part
deliberation becomes cold bitterness
and addiction becomes sorrow and doubt
the drumming fades away
as does the numbness.
all that is left...

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