November 5, 2008
T-shirts are a very special thing.
Some are simple some have bling.
Some evoke a little smile.
Some you wear when you walk a mile.
Some make you laugh.
Some are quite shocking.
Others express a bit of mocking.
Some make you think of a different point of view.
Can you believe this is what a t-shirt can do?
From Barack Obama to John McCain,
T-shirts are now part of the presidential campaign.
You can layer them or collect them,
Whatever you wish, is what they are for.
Some however quite never leave your drawer.
These are the ugly ones that you just don’t want to wear.
They are good for dirty projects, however how rare.
The virtues of a t-shirt are very well known.
Wear them when you are a kid or when you are full grown.
T-shirts are also a great gift to get,
Especially from your favorite store, then they’re better yet.
So this is the end of my t-shirt expose…
Remember the better the fit, the better the day.

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