Forever Swan

November 5, 2008
By Lawrence Brown, Helena, AL

A swan in a lake--
how far can he swim?
He can go.
He can see.
He can hear.
He can feel.
He can feel.
But years ago, he couldn’t.

Years ago, the lake was dirty.
The lake was filthy.
His legs weren’t strong enough
to push against the tar
and the grease,
but now he can.

His legs take him from the back
to the front.
From the right
to the left.

The toads jeer their jeers
from forty years.
They pollute the lake again with their
but the swan is too strong.
His legs
were built from his trials.
His legs
carry him far.
He is
forever free.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was the recent Presidential election. The day after Barack Obama became the President Elect, the hallways in my school were filled with what I consider to be the poison of intellect. People clung to ignorance. Some people, I'll admit, had viable reasoning to dislike the candidate, but, as always, ignorance speaks louder than reason. I wrote "Forever Swan" as a way to vent. I wrote it to remind myself that, at this point in time, prejudice and ignorance have no power.

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