Boy With Talking Eyes

November 5, 2008
Boy with talking eyes
Will you walk in the rain with me?
I’ll have thunder
And you’ll have lightening
So we won’t be alone in the storm.
Boy with talking eyes
Look at me
Let me see your colors change
Let me learn what they mean.
Boy with talking eyes
You’re holding on to me,
Don’t let go
Your shoulder is digging into my chin,
But don’t let go
Boy with talking eyes
You pull away
But your eyes are holding onto mine
And I’m not letting you go.
Boy with talking eyes
Can you see?
I’m giving you my heart.
Boy with talking eyes
With a single wide eyed glance
You tell me secrets
In the silence
And for a moment
I know you care
And as I hold your eyes with mine
I know it’s enough
And I try to make you see that
I love you
And I know my heart is in
Your eyes.

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