November 5, 2008
i've crumbled
i'm shattered
my face has fallen to the ground

i'm shreaded
slightly battered
but i can't make a sound

'cause i wanna scream
scream at the top of my lungs
but i've found
that no words will come out

i'm senseless
speechless; i have nothing left to say
not a thought exists in my head
never have i had to feel this way
breathless; my heart's beating so quickly
but then when i start wondering...
you leave me so senseless

i lay here numb
in the corner of my room
with the lights down low
i can't even move

my eyes are closed
and confusion's left at my soul to knaw
'cause you left me here alone
just me and these four walls

you leave me senseless,
speechless; i don't quite know what to say
not a thought rests in my mind
never have i ever felt this way
breathless; my heart's beating so quickly
when i try to say to a word
i am just left so senseless

i don't know
how you had me so fooled
but i thought that
together we would be good

you put this mask on
hiding your soul
you'd thought i'd never find out,
i'd never know

you leave me senseless...

so senseless...

speechless, i don't know what else to say
not a thought's left in my head
i have never felt this way
never had i thought this would be the end
but when i try to say how i feel
i'm left so senseless

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jazzymcc said...
Nov. 10, 2008 at 11:07 pm
This is one of my favorites that I've written. =)
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