Stitches and Scars

November 5, 2008
By Abre Pell, Avon, IN

I stare at my bloody wrists in the memory of when I wanted to die.
Now I have scars where somehow my heart lied.
I thought I was through with life...
I was so close; yet so far.
Now I have my proof concealed within my stitches and scars.
In my room the image of me is nothing less of blood and gore,
But then again nothing hurts as much as hearing "I don't love you anymore."
You said I was everything you could ever want or need.
But it was me you left cryin' crawlin' on my knees.
Now my love for you will cease to end.
But then it is my heart that needs to mend.
I lied to myself and wasn't true.
I was just overwhelmed with the thought of me and you.
Until the day when I may turn back time;
What I did to me in spite of you will forever be my immortal crime.
As you stand there, eyes burning with fire, about ready to cry
Just remember I know what its like to want to die!

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