Forgoten Love?

November 5, 2008
Forgoten love is such a waste
esspecially when you're the only one that remembers
the touch
the kiss
the... love
tears on my pillowcase
mean nothing
no one saw,
no one heard,
so, it didn' happen.
But oh yes, it did
every touch
every kiss
every time we loved
was so real
so real, that i became addicted
i needed you
but, haha
you didn't need me
changed, to you...
I was just some girl
the touches
the kisses
the... love
meant nothing
nothing to you
so, when I tried to give you
every stitch
of my love
you pulled away
and I was hust
and you walked away
and I was hurt
and you never came back
and I was so hurt
so now I sit,
with tears on my pillowcase
thinking about

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