a single mother

November 5, 2008
she is a single mother bringing a child into this world. The father is gonenot wanting anything to do with her.saying it is her fault. but really he was not thinking cause he sure was not sober.
she is scared and afraid how will she feed and clothe it if she aint gettin paid?
applying for medicaid and wic she regrets all thatwent down that night.And now she feels sick.
she applys for many jobs but still no hire. so she comes to the last conclusion to sell crack and some fire.
she does not want to livethis way but without money nothing is comming her way.
she is a single mother with no one to turn to, no where to go to, and no one to run too.
she is on her own. just her and the one inside of her.as she starts to dought herself she pull out the callaber.
just then she stops herself and relizes tha it wont be that bad. she thinks of the past and every thing she had.
now its all gone and she labels herself as a single mom!

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