November 5, 2008
By Mallory Owen, Helena, AL

May 1st was a day I will never forget
I was in the 5th grade
Getting off the bus
I felt big and strong
After getting some shocking news
Walking in my house
I felt small and weak

That day I lost part of who I am
I lost the person I would do anything for
He was my world
My everything
My Dad

I will never forget him
I will never forget his hugs
Or his warm laugh
I will never forget his advice
He will live in my heart forever
I will always miss him

That day I lost a little of my faith
That day I blamed myself
I thought I loved him too much
I thought I would never wake up
From this horrible nightmare

That day was a day I
Learned to be strong
I learned not too get too close
I learned a lot about life
Innocence turned to reality
And love turned to pain

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