She Cries...

November 5, 2008
By Julia Gowesky, Camden, ME

She cries in the corner of the dark, lonely room

With nothing but her memories to keep her company.

This isn't the first time it's happened,

And she knows it won't be the last

No matter how much she tells herself they didn't mean it.

She remembers all the times she pulled away and ran

Regretting every moment she lost.

She tries to shut it out just one last time

But the ghosts of her past linger only to taunt her.

The thoughts she cannot control.

The things she wanted to say.

All remind her of that person.

The person who changed her.

The person who made her hate everything she has become.

Lost and confused more than ever

She wraps her arms around herself.

Because she has no one.

No one to save her.

No one to hold her.

No one to love her.

And that is the one thing she longs for most:

To be loved and be capable of love

If only just for a moment.

She cries.

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