" i gaze at a picture"

November 5, 2008
By keri richards, Pelehatchie, MS

People say i have your eyes, they say they see you in me. The way I smile ,and the way I laugh, but I've never seen you only in pictures only through everyone elses eyes. They say you were a fine person always helping someone else ,but seldom helping yourself. you worked for what you recieved and never expected handouts the thought that one day a good life for you would soon panout. I've seen many pictures of you. Pictures from many years ago up to the day you made mom your bride. From fishing trips up to the day i arrived. The way you held me in your arms and looked at me showed me how excited you must have been to hear you were a father to be. As I grew older my first birthday came those pictures show love and compassion just the same. The next pictures show how much fun we had and all the laughter we shared you where proud to be my dad. I say how you loved mom and I. I only wish you could have stayed with us for a longer time. The next birthday pictures are all joyful. Laughing and joking was always something you knew. You kept me from pain. You knew one day a boy would come for me, but you would think they are insane. You planned to take me fishin and teach me new things, but noone ever knew what the next year would bring. The moment will never be forgotten and that day will always be a blur. My heart is still aching because i never really knew who you were. I look at the pictures your not in them your smilling face and gentle posture has escaped. Those memories caught in time sometimes i wish i could rewind to that place where i could be in your gentle loveing arms embraced with your love and safe from all harm. Those innocent moments I'll never remember if only I am told or gaze at a picture.

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