Cold, Hard, Plastic

November 5, 2008
By erica olsen, Fords, NJ

She piles on that make up like it’s her job
Spends two hours every morning to get her hair to bob
Walking down the street with her Juicy Couture bag
“You got that from Kmart? Don’t make me gag!”
She laughs and giggles with her friends at the mall
Cell phone attached to her ear, always a new call
Flirting and dating around all the boys at school
Having unprotected sex just to be cool
Fake blonde highlights, unnatural tan
Because she happens to be Paris Hilton’s biggest fan
Mommy’s best friend, daddy’s little girl
Convinced she’s perfect in her own little world
I ask her if she misses it, “Hey remember when”
Wait that was yesterday, she’s only ten

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