November 5, 2008
By igetknockeddown17 GOLD, Northfield, Minnesota
igetknockeddown17 GOLD, Northfield, Minnesota
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You ask me to be shallow with you
but did you know what made me deep?
A rushing flow of memories
that to myself I could not keep?
You ask me to believe what isn’t true,
but did you know that I won’t?
I’m not better than you or more mature,
I just won’t resort to that.
You ask me to fall below the bar
but did you know I cleared it long ago?
Till I got tired of jumping and laid my pole aside
became to tired to run back for more.
You ask me to speak without thinking
because that’s what “teenagers” do
But if I never reveal the things I know
how can anything that I do prove
that I am rebelling?
You ask me to want, consume, take
but did you know I’m still empty?
It took awhile to see that what I took in could not stay
So I gave back to you for me to be free.
Did you know..

and did you know..

and did you know.. ?
No, you didn’t.
Because you never asked me what I could do.
You expected less, and less I gave.
You labeled us and we submitted.
Until there was no one left to speak up,
but now we rebel.
Against rebellion.
To prove that we’re more than you could ascertain
more than a label could strip of us
so watch us rise and stand as one.

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