The Army of Drum Majors

November 5, 2008
People at the ready everywhere,
The hiss of intensity fills the air.
"Detail, attent HUT!"
The snap rushes through me with a blast,
My heart beating fast.
You can feel the tension growing,
As each of the moments pass.
We march foward,
This army of training drum majors.
Everyone is completely in step.
Moving together,
Breathing together,
Thinking together.
Together we are one,
Not a hair out of place 'till we are done.
We twist through the obstacles at hand,
As we listen to this, this God of Band,
As we follow his every command.
Few are left in this march off.
"Detail, pre-sent ARMS!"
The salute rushes through my mind,
As I hear the applause that's one of a kind.
Able to call myself Drum Major,
Now that's a privilege unlike any other.

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