November 5, 2008
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Imagine in your mind
A future that better's than the
Present can be changed into something
Beautiful, skies gleam overhead my
Destiny as radiant as the sun
Change will reshape
The nation into something
That our children can be proud of
it's not only a
Dream but it's reality
So real that the thought of it
brings tears to the
Eyes that see hope because
change is like the
Melody that sings to the heart
Unspeakable beauty, tenacious hope

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Sunshine said...
Nov. 12, 2008 at 1:54 pm
He he... Well, I wasn't so artisic imeadiatey after finding out! I was flipping out! I was in a trance, really. I was wigged out until like 3am when I went to sleep. Then I woke up and saw the story again on the morning news, and flipped out again! My faith in democracy was restored, and I felt a step closer to equality.
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