I Never Listened To The Beatles

November 4, 2008
By Liz Enz BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Liz Enz BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Now I walk around downtown
when the blue sky is pretty
but not noticeable it’s a separate
piece from downtown
emphasizing that opposites
collide like joy and fresh
and gloom and filthy
this pavement is polluted
with mainly cigarette butts
and I hate this musty
smell from the sewer near
the bus stop I see CAPA kids
gathering with friends
and I realize I get along
with everyone I hate these pigeons
that are so fearless and leap
while carrying their diseases
spreading with wings
am I walking at the right pace
is my body aligned
I like simplicity in friendships
in relationships too
can I hold your hand
these decrepit, elderly people
make me frightened
I don’t want us to live old
what would we look like
maybe we can do math now
and subtract years from our live
while we’re young and live life
how we want to
not all the buildings downtown
are just modern boxes
some have archaic architecture
but not beautiful or important
enough some woman smacks a teenage boy
on the 91A and laughs then
gives him two dollars
next to them is an old lady with
a bag of fruit I think I’m deprived
these kids are coming on the bus
and I can swear that they remind me
of Reese’s Puffs with their skin color
eyes and hair they are so plain and brown
some Asian lady
is sewing a baby
blanket and just told me I look
like I’m from manga
I don’t know if it’s a compliment
but she smiles I see her mom
next to her reading some characters
on a pill container it looks like
Japanese and she’s doing these
hand exercises can I hold your hand

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