better love

November 4, 2008
By Amber Eskow, Huntsville, AR

I cant stop thinking about you.
your always on my mind
i need you more than you could ever know
you have stolen my heart ,
but i dont want it back
there is no one else i would rather have it
please all i ask is that you not shatter it
but i already feel it crack in your grasp
you dont know your strength
you slowly begin to turn your back on me
forgetting it in your hands
before you know it, it busts
the peices lying on the gound
yeah... its over
and tape will fix the mess i am now
the only thing i can do now is wait for someone else to come along that cares enough to try and help me pick up the peices
to try to put it back together
while they do their best little do we know that i've gained a new, stronger, better heart something as special as they are
.why should they get something used and abused ?
no.. they get something better than you ever had
they get something they helped create.

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