In This Moment

November 4, 2008
By Amanda Bishop, Burlington, KY

It’s in this moment that I’ve come to realize how much I don’t want you to leave.

Perhaps it’s the twisting stomach that makes home in my body,

Or maybe this pounding heart in my chest that longs for you

To simply stay beside me.

I can’t say it’s necessarily home that I call this place,

But a dug-out of the sort, a place where you and

I seemed to have made a hole for ourselves.

Here, standing along side the train as it screams and

Hurries our goodbye, is that I realize how much

I’d love to go with you!

But the words simply refuse to part from my lips.

My mind has seemed to wonder off in a haze as my eyes,

My sweet, sweet naive eyes...

How they watch you smoke your cigarette,
And what pity that you smoke–beauty as yourself shouldn’t waste away with it.

But these eyes, how is it they can witness such grace?

I can’t believe I can stand here, struck in awe,

Taken aback from you and you’re beauty,

And not one single word will release from these lips!

“ Damn,” you speak. Please, again, let me hear something again.

I wish I could tell you how warm and soothing your voice is to me.

I wish I could forever hear you humming to the radio on those crispy Summer days.

But, for now, perhaps it’s all better if I just kept it as a wish...

“ Is it goodbye?” You ask. Oh, love, I wish not.

Again, I wish.

My heart jumped a beat, frolicking in my rib cage

Like a mad man breaking free from the brig,

For your sweet, warm embrace caught me off guard.

I shoveled my face into the cushion of your shoulder,

Breathing anxiously as the fumes of your flowery aroma

Suffocated my nostrils like new born air.

“ I love you,” Here would’ve been the perfect time to tell you!

So why didn’t I? Why couldn’t I speak those three words?

Chaos is going on inside my mind and I can’t seem to think straight!

“ Will you come with me?” Are you speaking to me? To me, love?

I lifted my heavy head, eyes gazing adoringly at your amazing face.

I couldn’t help but grin softly from the smile on your lips.

“ Of course.”

And with two words, our world made a world of its own.

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