Pain of Suicide

November 4, 2008
By Halie Westbrooks, Valley Head, AL

The smell of pain and fear
The bitter taste of remorse
Her body lying on the ground
Blood all around
Hearts beating as one
Dear God what has she done
A note that reads "I still love him!"
Time for it all to end
There's a bullet lodged in
No journies left to begin
Time has come to say good bye
No more tears left to cry
Just keep askin yourself why
She just had to go and commit Suicide

The author's comments:
Hey I'm Halie
I Love poetry and writing. I can write about just about anything, but I write best about death, or it comes from anger and pain. Some people who inspire me to keep writing is my mom Tracie, my sister Angel, my grandparents Roger, Deborah (mawmaw) Chester, Debra (nene), My dad Allen, And my friends Vanna, Shiela, Kayla, Faylin, Alysha (cousin as well), Kaleb (cousin as well), Robert, Benji, Steven, Leon, And most of all my boyfriend.

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