The Raindrops

November 4, 2008
By Sara Rukeyser, Mamaroneck, NY

The wind whistled up
a storm in the night.
Raindrops trickled down
my big, blank window
drawing a picture,
erasing something horrible.
Raindrops shatter like broken
glass and drip and slide like
a person swimming.
How could I explain
the disapearing act of the raindrops?
Spreading gently they push to be free from force.
Wait! Where have they gone?
Maybe they just fell or evaporated...
I guess they've just slid
from my sight.
The rain stopped:
the sun peeked.

The author's comments:
When I wrote my poem, it was meant to be for a writing assignment last year when I was in the fifth grade. I loved this poem and remember getting a really good poem. I love writing, but poems are easiest for me (since I can write them REALLLY short if needed.) My favorite minicourse is writing, so you might see why.

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