The Sea

November 4, 2008
By Victoria Jones, Harrison, TN

I walk along the snow white sand

My back is turned to face the land

With eyes full of sea and heart full of bliss

It’s one thing I always miss

I wait for no ship or rowing boats

The sea, it sings only few hushed notes

With the sun full of warmth and the breeze crisp and cool

I gaze down into the bright tide pool

The sea’s tide pushes and pulls

Up above I hear the cry of sea gulls

The water is blue, silver, and green

Half its beauty never seen

Swimming, like flying, above the seabed

“Welcome, new one,” a passing fish said

Creatures that glow, creatures that shine

Here, right now, this memory is mine

Above the sky is clear and dark

Time to leave before the sea leaves its mark

The author's comments:
I love swimming and I'm always thinking about it. This is a poem that kind of popped into my head one day and made its way onto paper.

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