Just A Litte While Longer With You

November 4, 2008
By Anonymous

No, please don’t go
I am here
With you, I am here
I’ll stay forever

Hand me the knife
Lend me your hand
Give me the pills
I’ll wipe away your tears

I’ll bandage your wrists
Clean the blood from the floor
I’ll give you a hug
I’ll never let go

I’ll draw you a picture
I’ll write you a poem
Anything for you
Anything you need I’ll do

I can’t imagine my life
Without you next to me
I would wake up in the morning
With no one to see

I promise I’ll cry with you
I’ll laugh for you
I’ll smile when you can’t
I’ll do anything, everything for you

I promise to always be here
To be where you are
In my heart you’ll remain
With me forever more

If you promise you’ll stick around
Stick around for all of us
We need you
I need you

Just a little while longer
With you by my side
Anything will do
As long as I have you

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