November 4, 2008
By Victoria Jones, Harrison, TN

Come away with me to anywhere
So we can fly without a care
Come, take flight with me
Through the dawn the two of us see
A place like Neverland
But instead we’re flying over Netherland
Take my hand and follow I
Come along tough the sky
Come love, come through the mist
In our hearts, the sunlight kissed
Do you trust me
Won’t you see
Life is all around here
Where we live without fear
Do you remember when we met
All alone when the sun set
You said hello, I said goodbye
You said there’s no reason for you to cry
I said go away and you said no
And this is how our love will grow
As night falls I’m here with you
I’ll never leave, you’ll never have to
With a heart of gold you said to me
“Look, look don’t you see
You’re a flower in every way
You’re a flower that blooms in May
Look in the mirror, what do you see?”
“I only see you and me.”

The author's comments:
I just LOVE romanance. This is one of many attempts at capturing what I've read in books and seen in movies. Maybe I'll expirence it first hand one day.

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