seeing the river

November 4, 2008
I went down to the river

As usual I did so in attempt to clear my mind

And for a bit of time it did indeed do so

It did when I beheld for possibly the first time

A marvelous spectacle

One of which is easily viewable

Yet rarely seen,

Something that all may see

Yet few seem to witness

I looked at what was a mere piece of the river

I observed how it moved

How I never saw the same shape of the water twice

How the shape that appeared in one place kept changing as the water flowed on

How it never stayed the same

Then I looked up and I saw something

I saw the river

I had seen it so many times before

I had been there so many times before

But as I gazed at it

As I gazed at something so massive

As I gazed at its constant flow

A flow that was constant despite its massive size

I realized something

I realized that for the very first time I was truly seeing the river

I was truly seeing the magnificence of it

Something so natural

Something so beautiful

Despite the number of times I had been there

Despite all the times I had run along it

I realized that this was truly the first time I had ever seen it

As I stood there awestruck I began to think

I wondered

Are there any others who may truly see what I see

Are there any others who might see the true natural beauty

The simple but amazing sight of what I was seeing

Were there any others who would be patient enough to see what I had seen

Were there any others who might see it as a natural beauty

Or was I alone

Was I the only one who might ever see such a sight as I saw it now

Was everyone else really so busy that none would ever stop and maybe see as I saw

Was there any one who would see it as something good

Or would they just see it as potential land development

Something to fill in and throw apartments or something else over

Was I the only one who would ever see such an amazing sight

I left the river with these thoughts

Thinking that someday I might return

But I would no longer see it

I left thinking,

That some day the river may only exist in my memory

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