Voice of the Sea

November 4, 2008
By Victoria Jones, Harrison, TN

There is a music in the sand
Falling away from my outstretched hand
A ghostly song from the silvery sea
Carried swiftly up to me
It sounds like the waves upon the shore
Anyone who hears will long for more
Soft and sweet it lulls the wild
Strong and sure it saves the mild
Silvery words so different and new
She emerged from the sea, right out of the blue
A human face, her expression kind
Bright blue eyes that saw the mind
Silvery blond hair in cascading waves
Skin like the moon, like the light she saves
A smile on her lips at a familiar face
Long, long ago she left this place
A promise she made, a promise she kept
For three long years the promise slept
“Hello dear one, it has been a long wait
Now I come through the Aukai gate.”

The author's comments:
I recently found a bunch of words for sea and ocean, Aukai is Hawaiian I believe for Sea travler.

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