Falling Into My Painting

November 4, 2008
Staring, absorbed into a smooth pool of swirling colors
Fluid, shimmering, like God’s palette
Rosy clouds and sparkling stars reflect
As I stare deeper and deeper
The water is full of memories
Like every teardrop ever cried to form a sea of rainbows
Softly slap the edges of the shore
A warning that beauty does not come without punishment
A mirror that doesn’t reflect the truth
Only joyful, dancing waves upon the water
I can’t look away
Leaves lightly brush the glassy surface
The setting sun dapples the waves with mysteries of the deep
Romance, splendor, extravagance
Rippling and dancing, distorting my image
I am a part of the water and it, a part of me
Why can’t I just dip a ladle into the sea and sip the night sky
A flowing sunset
I just stare and stare…
I am falling into the visible dream
Falling into the sky
Falling, falling
Calm, desperation, hope…
Emotions washing over me
Then I look deeper
And I realize
I’ve been falling all along

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