I Celebrate Myself

November 4, 2008
I celebrate myself in all that I am
Skin on bones, a dream, an endless sky
Nearly impossible odds…yet here I lie
Breathing, pulsing, waiting
The chance of life-denied yet received
A stroke of luck?
Spark of life, burning and smoldering
Determined and fierce, fighting until the end
Always wondering, always questioning
Always probing farther
Do the stars really extend for eternity?
Or are we trapped in a cage of constellations?
Does existence need truth?
How does anyone know what to look for?
Empathy nearly tore me apart
Slowly fading away into the presence of others
Now the fog gradually begins to fade from my path
And I am saved from myself
I celebrate for a moment, an hour, a day
No time can pin down the significance of individual hope
Clocks may spin and break
But I will never give in
Loving with a heart full of confusion
A thin line between sanity and imagination
Paper hearts replaced with chilled concern
Losing myself completely to the temptation of desire
Free to see castles in the clouds
Free to be an island in a sea of similarity
Free to celebrate all that is me.

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