The Childless Mother

November 4, 2008
By Megan Crants, Nashville, TN

The grass rustles and sways as the harsh breeze disturbs it
Like a demon, set out to change their once unmoving perfection
A small child crushes an ant, lifeless and helpless against it's fate
Skips off to get ice cream, a sweet reward for their bitter cruelty
The empty swings move with the demon wind, ghost-like and creaky
The sun beats down upon me with no mercy, shade nowhere to be found
The clouds move around the sun, laugh and tease me with their sick games
I can't help but move with unease on the hand bench that burns with anticipation
The child returns, licks their treat, kicks up dust to conceal his path
Not a care in the world, a selfish smile
Runs back to his mothers arms, she squeezes him too hard
The blinding burden of the light doesn't torment him
Kids run up the slide, put off the bottom til they can't possibly hold on
One lets go-falls to the end and waits, no longer a part of their game
Mother of the greedy child pulls his hand
It's time to go
Cries and attempts to resist do no good-the time has come
Marks his presence with a sob, stomps to the car
Out of sight...out of the sun

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