Sweet Sunset

November 4, 2008
By Cristina McCabe, Vienna, VA

Sweet Sunset

Cream colored sunsets
Slowly melting like a gumdrop that has felt the delicious rays of the sun
The whole day through.
Bright purple, red and orange rays burst out of the sky
Like a shiny packet of brightly colored candies.
The sun’s rays begin to dance slower and slower
Like a twisting Twizzler against a licorice black sky as the day’s celebration
Comes to its finale.
But before these bright colors and tastes finally disappear into a swimming blue ocean, like that last, most enticing bite off a chocolate bar, the parade of colors bursts and disappears.
Now nothing is left but the sky’s dark and empty wrapper
Yet I am happy, for I have had my fill of this
Sweet sunset.

The author's comments:
I needed to write a poem about a sunset or sunrise in 6th grade and once I started writing about the candies and the two meanings of "sweet" in my poem I was so excited and got really into it.

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