November 4, 2008
As I got ready my cheeks burned with glee
Knowing when I got there all attention would be on me
I packed my bags and ran to the car
We’d arrive at my best friends soon it wasn’t that far
I hope this time my trip to her parlor goes well
Last time I went I almost broke my ankle when I fell
We arrived in no time just as I knew
We’d have all my makeup set up in a few
I loved to watch her it was like magic
Cause when I tried to do it, it only looked tragic
When she was all done I could hardly wait
For her to spin me around so I could see my fate
My base in this case really glowed
Perfectly matching like the yellow brick road
My eyeliner didn’t come out good cause I coughed
But the lotion she used made me really soft
The eye shadow’s so bring for days I’ll be seen
When I rubbed my eye she got really mean
There’s red like a fire truck on my cheeks
The perfume she put on me really reeks
The mascara I had on was really running
Had I not stubbed my toe and cried I may look more cunning
Although when I left I looked like a clown
I think I made a good impression on my new town
I love to go to get my makeup done
Oh for the beauticians they are so fun

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