Sweet Surrender

November 4, 2008
By Megan Crants, Nashville, TN

Mirrored shadows of a lie
Bury my soul in a place unknown
Hidden softly, so little time
A whisper on the wings have flown

Broken promises reflect
Trust is but a wish for now
Hold fast to darkness, nothing left
Absorbed by a world of what I allow

What brought the memories to rest?
What soothed the pain of efforts lost?
Where dreams as realities are best
Our destinies are sealed and caught

Here where I’m my own worst enemy
The keys to our hearts lie in secrets untold
Starlight shines down its serenity
Holding our futures, yet to behold

Overwhelmed with sweet surrender
Release from what I thought I knew
Life’s purpose ceases to hinder
Under the surface, something brand new

And I’ll move forward with no fear
To find myself, waiting to be released
Breathing slowly; waiting near
The beautiful silence is mine to keep

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