If the Grass Wasn't Green

November 4, 2008
By Timothy Johnson, Cheektowaga, NY

If the Grass Wasn't Green

Dizzy as the world spins around me
Wow thinking if the grass wasn't green
What would the world be?
What will I be more or less
Or would I even exist
Would a gun be as deadly
As a cut through the wrist?
I live life fast
On the edge
I look in the mirror
And it's still the same
So many downs
I pray for an up
Surprise to see the day
Hope for tomorrow
If the Grass wasn't Green
Would the hood be the hood?
And would jail be a place
for the good?
No bars
Look far
Open my eyes wide
100s on my report card
What a lie!
But I tried
Tried to get by
Fake something I hate
A feeling far from great
Hey,but I'm not perfect
And the grass is green
So I dream like King

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