To You, My Love

November 4, 2008
By courtney finch, Stacy, MN

I sauntered through the garden,
Through the lilies, through the vines.
For 'tis here my heart shall hearken,
For my long lost lover's sigh.

Here I sit waiting for the 'morrow,
A bench of stone upon.
Weeping eyes so full of sorrow,
For my love is surely gone.

With midnight hour nearing,
I waited for the dawn.
My love forever endearing,
Though my lover is truly gone.

As moon peeked over dainty clouds,
The stars shone ever brightly.
Waiting patiently in silver shroud,
They sang, though ever lightly.

They sang of years ago,
Before that fateful day.
Of when he loved me so,
And of the night he was taken 'way.

Three years ago this eve,
The killer did his work.
My love he did deceive,
For 'round the town he lurked.

My love he did befriend,
Though in his heart forsaken.
My love I did defend,
But my lover's life was taken.

So here is where I grieve,
Beneath the summer sky.
For in my heart I did believe,
Our love, death could defy.

I gently plucked one single rose,
And slowly, so as not to prick my finger,
I lifted it unto my nose,
And the 'whelming scent did linger.

That rose of red,
With petals round,
Did hold my gaze,
And I heard not a sound...

Suddenly, upon my rose,
A Luna Moth did appear.
Celestial wings in gentle pose,
I felt his presence near.

Wings so soft and powdery emerald,
Gently he flitted.
Shape so smooth and presence herald,
Upon my rose he sitted.

The moth, he flew up onto my nose,
And on my face he perched.
My hand fell limp, I dropped my rose,
And then my stomach lurched.

The moth, he lifted, ever fleeting,
And with him, my breath he'd taken.
I thought that death would be painstaking,
But happily, I was mistaken.

My heart stopped then. It beat no more,
And my soul rose with the sun.
Up through the stars, my soul did soar,
And finally death had won.

The vines and lilies, my body took,
For I needed it no more.
'Round it, all the leaves, they shook,
They spoke to me, "Nevermore."

Now my lover's warm embrace,
Surrounds me night and day.
Never once has he left my side,
Not since that fateful day.

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