Losing Love

November 4, 2008
To lose all things you've ever known
To lose your faith and where to go
To lose yourself on some high shelf
Tis something you must have known
To understand, to be alone

To live a life in some quiet lie
To surrender now, to give up and die
To turn black inside and not know why
Tis something you must know
To be as cold as snow

To see the eclipse of the perfect one
To watch the storm cover up the sun
To see the Angels cry in sound
Tis something you must understand
To lie broken on the ground

To live in white midnight
To be blinded by the shining knight
To feel the wound rip open wide
Tis something you must know
To be empty inside

To be washed away inside a sorrow
To be buried alive with no tomorrow
To hide under the Dark Angel's wing
Tis something you must understand
To become a monstrous thing

To be lost on a path of broken dreams
To cry tears for long sad streams
To turn your back on the human race
To sleep and dream of one sole face
Tis something you must feel yourself
To understand losing the love of another self

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