They Said

November 4, 2008
They said it was an accident
They said no on was gonna get hurt
They said it was no one’s fault
They said I should just move on
They said I shouldn’t wear so much black
They said I should think of something else
They said they were sorry, though it was “no ones” fault
They said it was a harmless prank
They said I should live my life as if nothings changed
They said he always loved me
They said I should stop blaming myself
They said I’d be all right
They said I would forget what happened eventually
They said a lot of things actually
But I know better
I’m not an idiot
Nothing they said will ever make it better
It couldn’t have been an accident, he wasn’t stupid
Of course someone would get hurt, they should have known better
It was to someone’s fault, mainly mine, I should have stopped him
I will never be able to move on
All I own is black, I’ll mourn forever
He’s the only one I can think about
No ones sorry
Obviously it wasn’t harmless; he’s gone because of your “harmless” prank
I don’t feel like living, let alone pretending
There’s no one to blame but me
I’ll never be all right
I don’t want to forget him, he’s worth remembering
Everything they said was a lie
Except for one thing
He did love me
He told me himself

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