Do Me A Favour?

November 4, 2008
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Do me a favour,
To help set me free?
Keep you and her,
Well away from me.

My heart breaks
When you two are near.
And it takes all I have,
Not to tear.

Do me a favour,
To help me carry on?
Leave me alone,
So I can move on.

Haven't you noticed,
That I barely speak to you?
So help me do,
What I feel I have to.

Do me a favour,
So I don't feel bad?
Don't dare hurt her,
Don't make me mad.

Although I don't like this,
She's still my friend,
So you break her heart,
And goodbye to you my friend.

Do me a favour,
To stop this ache?
Clean up the mess,
You never meant to make.

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