November 3, 2008
By Claeren PLATINUM, Lakewood, Washington
Claeren PLATINUM, Lakewood, Washington
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Blue cherry blossoms above my head
And snow down at my feet
I walk along the road ahead
Along a well trodden path.
Watching the petals float to the ground
I thought of the world around me
This beautiful world, all wrapped in white
With blue floating by above.
As I thought about it all
I wonder why it was
That I truly came know
How wonderful it was.
The world around me glittered.
It sparkled like a star.
I laughed as I twirled about
and fell upon the ground.
But the sudden shock brought me back;
To reality I came.
My mother knocking on the door
And dream of it I did no more.
But never was it that I forgot
Never, as long as I lived
Of those cherry blossoms in the sky
High above me, floating by
Or of the pretty snow underfoot.

The author's comments:
I really did dreams something like this once. I was lying on my bed, not really doing anything, on the day I thought this place up. It was such a beautiful picture in my head, that I wanted to write something about it ever since. Unfortunately, soon after deciding to do so, I came into a writer's block, and that lasted for months. But finally I was able to think of something to write about it, though I admit, it doesn't serve the thought justice at all, it does at least give the reader a glimpse of what the thought was like. The rhyming is terrible thought.

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