To the special someone

November 3, 2008
By Jessica Szweda, Peoria, AZ

Once upon a time a girl like me fell for a guy like you. I thought you were finally it. You taught me not all guys are not the same. I actually liked you and i was falling for you. I want you but you dont want me. You cheated and lied. You played my heart like a puzzle. Left to be unfinished confused then pushed aside. Yes i was a jerk at times but it was only mean a playful way. I messed up yes i will take that much blame but you get most of it. I left every guy for you and ruined a lot of friendships for you. I regained every power back except for the power to forget you. You taught me a new game so now help me forget how you played it!!

The author's comments:
This poem is about a recent relationship i had with a guy that im not in love with but i was falling really bad for him and i just wish he can see me like the way he use to!

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