November 3, 2008
By Amanda Sharples, Attleboro, MA

I wonder
How many times it will take me to
My mistakes
Repeated over and over again.
Only to retry and hope for a new ending.
I open my words
Screamed out on a page
Strewn from my conscience and
No matter how many times
I trust my own thoughts,
They leave me broken.
Held bound by the dark.
When will it stop?
So I will not be afraid of my dreams.
So I can brace reality,
So my words,
Will not shout.
When will I learn?
To change my steps,
So the next time,
I won’t be burned again.
Buried in the ink,
Spilling out from the pen.
The phrases so dense,
My mind shivering,
I wonder
When it will all make sense.

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