speak your mind

November 3, 2008
Why did you hold back your feelings?
Why did you have to lie
That little stunt hurt me
Than you want to say goodbye

I asked "if you had any problems"
but you just say "no"
What you said was a lie
So now your feelings went "bye bye"

You say no because you think I don't care
Lying to me made me mad
I was about to give you a teddy bear
I hope you don't end up getting sad

I know how you feel
Your emotions have disappeared
Your wish is starting to become real
It seems your emotions can't hear

You should've spoke the truth
I have never told you a lie
I don't know what to say about you
I should be telling you goodbye

I may act immature sometimes
but me and my words do rhyme
I am being honest with you
I am not telling no lie

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