Endless, Part 2 (the complete and revised version)

November 3, 2008
Is it possible
To see light through others' worlds?
Can we do better?

Can we shine light outside ourselves
Instead of keeping it in?
Could we do better?

Is this world falling
Further than we all expected?
Must we do better?

Culture crashes
Into darkness
We need to do better

Change this world
Into not what it must be
Not what it is
Not what we think it was

In past times we shot out flames
And this world was on fire
For a God who still loves them
Through their denial

Change this world
Into what it could be
Into what it should be

Change can’t happen
The world keeps falling
Along with the Christians
Who promised to protect
This message so sweet
This precious tale
Of a God who became man
Simply to die
Thirty-three years later

Change can’t happen
The world keeps falling
Into a vortex we promised to destroy
With the words that were spoken
Two thousand years ago

They can still save us
If so we choose
Something must be done
For this downward spiraling world

So fire can be spat again
So oceans here can run again
Without falling to their death
Unending in this black hole

Something must be done
Follow God we must
Only He can save us
And this downward spiraling world

He has come
He has left
He left it all to us
Only we can save the world

An end will come
To the world we see
And God and people
Is all that will be

We all will die
They’ll all be gone
Heaven or Hell
Where will they go?

My message is not of wealth
Of sickness or of health
Of patriots or thieves
Of hunger or of thirst

My message is not of death
Of new beginnings
Or old crumbling pieces
Of time well spent or wasted

My message is of eternity
Of happiness and joy
Experienced with a God
The God who created joy

To help the lives of people
Lives that are depressed
God can help us be
The ones who make them


This will certify that the above work is completely original.

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