November 3, 2008
By Jasmine De La Cruz, New York, NY

If I’m so wrong, Fix me.
[Secretly wanting acceptance]

Unknown essence of physical perfection
[My eating disorder]

Lost in a book deprived of an active social life
[Isolation is Key]

30 minutes late again, I’m expected to fail regardless
[Losing hope, starting to give up]

Staring at my bare self in the mirror in a full house
[Subconsciously exposing new cuts]

Resisting the urge to cut again
[Picking up a new vice]

Lost in total numbness
[Slowly regressing to a weaker state]

Waking up out of breath at 3 AM
[Another panic attack]

Cutting too deep
[You didn’t take the signs seriously]

Blood dripping down my arm
[You lied about getting me help]

Laying in a hospital bed
[We could’ve avoided this]

Weekly visits
[Now your even MORE humiliated]


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