True Calling

November 3, 2008
Heed to my call.
I must never stall.
I have cravings.
I have starvings.
Just like normal people?
Not like normal people.
I see things no one else sees.
I see a craving far beyond the birds and the bees.
I hear things no one else hears.
I can hear a blood stream that moves as fast as bears.
I can feel things no one else can feel.
I can feel the blood in the time reel.
I can taste like no one else can taste.
I can taste blood in the air even before someone puts it to waste.
My cravings are far different to any others.
I have the cravings of my mothers.
I crave so many different flavors of one thing.
I must have the power of a queen or king.
I crave a drink that quenches my thirst.
I must heed to my cravings or I just might burst.
The inevitable can never stall.
Its fate and I heed to my TRUE CALL.

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