the love that dissappeared

November 5, 2008
By Fathi Mahad, St Paul, MN

I look at your face
you snake another smile
it was dazzling I have to admit
the color of your eyes
once danced their way into my heart
but today
I heard the unthinkable
maybe it was just a dream
a figment of my imagination
is it possible the yesterday didn't happen?

A silent tear
drips down my face
sprinkling the unfotunate darkness
your smile begans to fade
now you seem to understand
I feel lightheaded
as you ask me whats wrong

You understand
that there is something that are unforgiveable
I began to shout
all my hatred spilling out towards you
I couldn't see the any sadness
You acted as if you never cared

you slowly back away
when I gave you my reasons
as I questioned you
she walked by

your eyes followed her
you forgot about my existence
the tears soaked threw my shirt
my life was damped
yesterday did happen
I left your side
to never look back was my goal

the memory would forever haunt me
the day I last my first love
the life was sucked out of me
the day was gone
tommorow would have nothing to bring
that is how it would forever seem

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