Lady Night and Nature Light

January 24, 2014
By SammieRM PLATINUM, Urbana, Missouri
SammieRM PLATINUM, Urbana, Missouri
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"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allan Poe

The Sun wails her long and tear-jerking goodbye,
as she retreats below the darkening night sky,
and the stars come out winking flirtatiously,
while the Moon rises, singing her soft lullabye.

The wind blows a sweet, slight, gentle breeze,
to rest the grass in comfort of the burning heat.
Each green blade closes its’ eyes and lies down,
the relentless warmth has them all grown weak.

Though they lay parched and dry from the drought,
they dream of rain flowing to their hungry mouths,
while clouds roll in and the wind rushes excitedly,
and the grass awakes, with shock, to thunder so loud.

The stars disappear in a frenzy of panicked fright,
and Moon hides in the thick black blanket of night,
to allow the storm shout and cry her loving pain out,
so Moon can return to her glowing beauty; so bright.

Leaves talk softly as they caress the cold, hard ground,
and the air whispering yummy secrets is the only sound
as the storm ends its mourning in a suddenly calmed way,
and the beautifully dark birds are, once again, found.

The trees strain an exhausting smile and groan in pain,
and a small couple slowly strolls down their merry lane,
stopping only for a moment to share a tenderly soft kiss,
and the Moon begins her gentle and saddened slight wane.

The stars come out for only a moment to whisper, “Rise,
Sun shall come from slumber and Moon will have to lie,
couple will leave once again, simply to never return,
and absolutely none, but us, will ever to be as so wise.”

Insects cheer in their obnoxious way,
as they slowly watch the night time lay
to rest as Sun comes up with a slight grin,
and with a reminder, she sings only to say,

“Don’t forget: Though some things don’t breathe,
doesn’t mean they aren’t as alive. You and me,
we can be just as lively as any bug, or animal,
and we feel-like all else-just as many things.”

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