October 29, 2008
By Bareeqah Ahmad, New City, NY

She stares out the window, always thinking
How her life would be if she wasn't sinking.
Trouble is all she remembers when she recalls her life.
Everyday, she wakes up to a day full of strife.
She faces problems, they're just too many;
Everytime she gets a paycheck, it seems like a penny.
She has to work at such a young age.
Everyday is a new story for a new page.
No one knows about the problems that pull her down,
She acts as if everything's fine and won't let anyone see her frown.
She'll make sure not to let anyone know when she is mad;
She would feel a lot better if her grades weren't as bad.
If only she had a friend, life would be better
And it would be nice if someone wrote her a letter.
But no; she's invisible and not even there
Which makes her feel that no one cares.
Alone and by herself, it's hard to survive.
Sometimes it gets so bad that she wishes she wasn't alive.
And when the weather gets bad and it starts to rain,
She knows the drops are just tears from her pain.
It's hard...what can an innocent girl do?
When she tries and tries, but has no one to look up to.
She's always secluded and has no say,
Everything she's told, she does because she has to obey.
She doesn't know how it feels to be a kid,
Because she would be happy and carefree if she did.
She wonders what it takes to make it to the top
And if all the pain and suffering will ever stop.
But she makes sure to keep her head high,
or else she'll fall behind as the world will pass by.
She realizes there are people that have much less,
The ones that are unfortunate and live in a bigger mess.
She's even thankful for the very little she has
And stays positive because every bad day will pass.
The window helps her see the world, its good side
And she learns that life has its ups and downs like any tide.
As she looks outside, her thoughts start linking,
So now she stares out the window,
Always thinking.

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