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January 23, 2014
By swee1mrstarman BRONZE, Friendship, Maine
swee1mrstarman BRONZE, Friendship, Maine
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My name is Trevor I was born September 12, 1997. I was raised in a place called Friendship it's a small town in Maine. I can't remember a lot but I will try to be as honest as possible so bear with me. When I was about 4 I started to be a lot more active like go outside play in the dirt all the normal stuff for a 4 year old.My life kinda turned bad at the age of 5.One thing that happened to me was a bike fell on my leg and I was hurt real bad couldn't walk for four weeks. When I went to school that's where my life got bad when I was in kindergarden I made a bomb threat. I know what your thinking why would anyone be leave a freakin five year old? I'll tell you why they believed me in that school the teachers only taught the kids they thought would be the best and I wasn't one of them and I knew it. I got suspended and went back till about the second grade then this teacher really didn't want to teach me at all for two reasons one was that I had and still have ADHD-ADD mix so I was a lot of the time hyper.The other reason she didn't like me was because of my family she taught my brothers and they were a handful so I think she just had enough. Every time I got off the bus she sent me to the office after about ten to twelve minutes. This got to the point were the school and my parents started fighting about me not being taught. The not being taught thing went on for about four months and then I got mad and made my second bomb threat that got me out. up till seventh grade everything was fine I made friends and did everything a normal teen would do. I know your thinking he's skipping a lot of time well I'll tell you. After the whole friendship school thing I got homeschooled till I was in the third grade. When I got in the third grade I went to Waldobro school and stayed there for about a half year the went to warren school till the sixth grade. In the fifth grade a boy by the name of Jake hall got in a argument with me and I told him I was going to tell the teacher and when I got up to the teacher he grabbed me by the neck and threw me into a table I hit my head and pretended to be knocked out so I wouldn't fight back and never did. There is a peace once again that I forgot but when I was the fourth grade I started paying attention to girls there were three girls that caught my eye and I don't know why they were named Jordan, Rachel , and Cheyenne. I dated Jordan in the fifth grade but it didn't work out so I started watching Cheyenne she was a nice girl very funny and so active but before I even thought of trying to ask her out I knew I had to try to figure out as much as a guy can figure out about women. I dated about 120 girls half or more I forgot names. I dated girls from Florida , Maine , road island ,and Georgia they were all pretty cool I manly hugged all my girlfriends there were really only two that I kissed my first kiss was Hanna ulmer she was pretty funny and cool my second was cheyenne. Now that we have gotten past the dating part of my life in middle school there was so much drama so many kids acting like the world was gunna end because they broke up.but to sum the dating and school part of my life I always have and always will help a classmate in need. Now if I remember correctly I talked a bit on my outside life but what I didn't tell you is after I turned seven my version of fun was picking on kids I was a straight up bully. I would always pick on kids I was bad and didn't realize it till I had no friends and I just stopped and tried to be good but the first friend I made was not so good his name was Lawrence Ugine prior at the time he was a thief but I didn't know that and went with it not thinking it was bad. All in all I work in the town like everyone else. After that whole situation I started a new and tried to be normal but asI figured out that wasn't easy. Soon after everyone started being mean not because I was mean no it was because of my past like I said before I made two bomb threats in my town so that messed my life up a bit so everyone just thought I was a bad person that and my mom and dad arguing drove me to xbox so for the rest of elementary and middle school I just tried to ignore everyone. The first day of 3rd grade I met a kid his name was Dustin he was a hard kid for most people to figure out at the end of the second grade for this kid another kid he depended on named Eddie moved away and that made Dustin freak out but for some reason the time he freaked out he made everyone leave but me and then started pelting the teachers with tennis balls wile I just sat there and read a book now I bet your thinking that why didn't I stop him or do something well for two reasons I didn't like the teachers at the time and I was reading I didn't want to be bugged. After a year of calming Dustin down I finally got to the point were he wanted to change so I taught him everything I knew and he caught on a little to quickly and tried to be me. Once the years of elementary were behind Dustin and I ,I think the teachers caught on that we were better together so almost all our classes were the mean time after school I would go home and play games on xbox I met two people I soon would figure out these two people would change my life there names witch I will only use there online names out of respect were fed2009 and Gibbz7317. Xbox was my life for a long time I really had no friends except Dustin and he didn't live anywhere near me so basically Xbox was my life I learned among many thing how to role play but I was taught in two different ways. The first way I was taught was acting rp or script rp it is the kind of role playing were you pretend you are the person in the game usually this is played with two or more players. The second kind of d is called cops and citizens rp this kind of role playing is usually done with sixteen or more players. I prefer to script rp I always have. In a senses am a very at home kind of kid up until summer I do go out in the winter but only to snowmobile or if I really have to.

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I made this wile I was thinking about my life

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