November 3, 2008
By karen zimmer, Massillon, OH

My jaw drops at the sight of you.
Just your presence,
It lights up a room.
And your personality,
It’s magnetic.
Drawing me to you.

My heart stops.
Just halts.
Like you've grabbed it.
Holding it,
Playing with it.

Your eyes are captivating.
All the colors.
The browns and grays.
So big, so wonderful.
I could loose myself in them.
Gaze for hours.

You're simply amazing.
Your voice.
The way it sounds.
Deep, and riveting.
So calm, so alive.

The hearts you tear.
All they'll tell me is,
"He's bed news."

The way I felt.
Why won’t they even try to understand?

All the possibilities.
We could be so much more.
(More than just a tease.)
We could be everything.

All the plans we could make.
Plan our futures together,
As one.

All the wishes we could shake.
Because now,
its reality.
All the time that would pass.
Because now,
We’d be together,
(May be even forever?)

While our memories fade fast.

Around you I can be me.
I’m not scared.
I feel safe.
Like I can express my own self.

So look and see what this could be.
What we could be.
We could be so much more,
We could be everything.

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Anna K. :) said...
on Nov. 7 2008 at 3:14 pm
"All the wishes we could shake. Because now, its reality." I absolutely LOVE this section. Great work! Your poem is one of my favorites :)

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