Just Listen

November 3, 2008
By Caroline Harrison, Kenmore, WA

Just listen,
Not everyone hears
When you scream without sound,
When you yell inside
Your silent frustration
Echoing through space,
It’s challenging to hear
But I listen harder,
I hear you.

Just look,
I know your act,
You play a role
Even if it’s not your own,
Your mask pretends
And makes others believe,
Others who know you so well
But I look deeper,
I see you.

Just understand,
I know what it’s like,
To start over again
To be silent
To be nothing at all
And to be something you never wanted to be,
But I know how it can be hard
To be yourself,
In that I understand you.

Just remember,
I’ve been there too,
When times were tough
And me was you
But things can always change,
And finally
We heard each other
And made it right,
Because I,
remembered you.

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